4 Phase SEO is a Washington DC SEO Company. We specialize in offering business owners a unique, creative, and effective marketing approach.

Introducing 4 Phase SEO – A Washington DC SEO Company

Our FOUR step marketing approach makes it possible for you to grow your business online and offline. We are not only a SEO company – we are a MARKETING company.

Phase One: Unique Selling Point

Our four step marketing approach starts with a Unique Selling Point. This is when we discuss components of your business’ marketing plan that you may be missing.

  • We will help you build an effective and powerful marketing message to consumers.
  • Building a database of prospects and customers is crucial to increasing conversion rates, so we work with you on developing and refining it.
  • Automation makes it possible for you to communicate more with your prospects and customers in less time.
  • Develop promotions that attract prospects and customers and keep them coming back for me.

This first phase of our marketing approach will save you month and bring you more business. We are proud of our abilities in helping slash marketing budgets by 50 percent!

Phase Two: Implement Platforms and Offers

The second phase of our marketing approach helps business owners Implement Platforms and Offers to grow their database of prospects and clients.

  • We work with you to set up easy platforms where you can send offers to prospects and customers.
  • We work with you to make your message clear when sending out offers, so consumers want to buy your services or products.
  • This increases conversion rates and revenue.

Phase Three: Marketing Arsenal

The third marketing approach is our Marketing Arsenal.

  • This is when we implement everything you need to make your website visible to online users.
  • We optimize your website for Internet users and search engines.
  • Social media is important in getting your business noticed, so we help you increase your brand awareness through social networks.
  • Link building improves domain authority, so we work on connecting your website to other sites.
  • We help you get noticed offline as well by implementing review campaigns.
  • Content marketing bridges the gap between online and offline marketing. We show you how to do it, and can do it for you.

Phase Four: Marketing Automation

Finally, our fourth phase of our marketing approach is Marketing Automation. 

  • Automation is the key to success when running a busy, successful business.
  • We make sure everything is organized and running smoothly and efficiently.
  • Automation can help you do more in less time for less money.
  • We set it up, and can monitor it to make sure that nothing needs to be adjusted.
  • We constantly add more to the automation to ensure you get the most out of our marketing approach.

The Four Step Marketing Blueprint for Business Marketing Success

four step marketing blueprint

This is just the beginning when it comes to learning how to market your business the best way possible with our 4 phase system. For more information on our four step process, download The Four Step Marketing Blueprint – The Marketing Guide Your Competition Hopes You’ll Never Read. 

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