The CRM You Need

When it comes to selecting a CRM, you may a variety of questions on your mind. From cost to efficiency and from setup to ease of use, you need to make sure that your selected CRM is able to cater to your needs in an effective manner.

With that, you also need to keep in mind that the right CRM is also crucial to SEO. If your CRM isn’t equipped to handle all the elements that are required  in setting up your site for SEO, then you certainly have a difficult road ahead of you.

Here is an overview of some of the most popular CRM and how SEO friendly they actually are. This would help you make a decision that would contribute to your site’s long term presence on the web.


Easy to use, highly customizable, and completely SEO friendly: there’s a reason why WordPress is used by over 30 percent of all the websites in the world.

Along with the ability to choose your own web hosting, a WordPress provides you with an easy to manage interface. It doesn’t only make the editing process easier for your site’s front end content, but it makes the editing of backend content just as easy. This includes but is not limited to SEO elements such as meta title and meta description.

And if you want to take this SEO friendly approach one step further, then seek help from WordPress’ popular plugin, Yoast SEO. The Yoast SEO plugin lets you optimize each page of your site by providing you with basic yet highly helpful suggestions, so you could setup your site’s foundation before having it fine-tuned by a SEO professional.


Wix has been making the rounds of online advertisements as of late (especially on YouTube). It is one of the most budget-friendly CRMs that you could take advantage of, with a free option also being available with limited features.

But while Wix is user-friendly to a certain extent, its SEO-friendliness leaves a lot to be desired. This was especially true up until a few years ago, when Wix didn’t offer support for basic SEO friendly items such as image tags and keyword friendly URLs.

While Wix has made improvements on this regard, it is still quite difficult to use for SEO if you do not have a proper web professional guiding you almost every other step of the way. While you may save a few bucks by opting for Wix, it might come at the cost of proper search engine optimization.


As a higher-end option than Wix, Shopify is a self-hosted CRM that touts  many user-friendly qualities. As an e-commerce platform, it provides a ton of functionalities to its users in exchange for a monthly fee.

It is also customizable but only to a certain extent.

The number of its themes and plugins is not as high as that in WordPress. With that being said, it is quite a SEO friendly platform that allows you to setup your site’s SEO effectively.

You could easily add or edit SEO elements to your site using Shopify’s CRM. It is a manageable task, which may be simplified with the help of an SEO expert.

Selecting a CRM that is SEO friendly could be a difficult task but it could become easier if you know what you are doing. The key is to select a CRM that is not only SEO friendly but is also easy to use. As such, get the best of both worlds and enjoy a streamlined path to meeting your goals.

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