Google is by far the most popular search engine used by the average consumer. It is believed that there are over 1.6 billion unique monthly search visitors to the site. That huge number explains how the name of the search engine has become a term that is synonymous search. People are constantly saying that they will just “google it” when they mean they will look something up on the Internet. So when the world’s largest search engine announces SEO news such as an image update, business owners are eager to learn about the change and how they can make the new feature work for them.

SEO News: Google Images Update

New Google Images results will now contain a caption for each image. The caption that is displayed will come from the title of the page where the image is displayed. So users will see the image that they were searching for but they will also be getting additional information about the source of the image. In short, this is a way that Google is anticipating a user’s next thought or question about locating additional information on the image and providing it before the user even asks for it.

Benefits for Business Owners

Most business owners have always agreed that having images on their website added to the interest of the site and provided a great resource for their clients. But with the new Google image captions, pictures on your website will be credited to your site when they are selected as a result for a search. Viewers will see the title of your site and quickly be able to access it for more information. This is just another great way to generate more traffic to your website which will increase credibility and provide better rankings for future searches.

Be Sure To Make Images SEO Friendly

Business owners need to understand that search engine bots can’t actually see the images, they just rely on the file name of the image, the caption, the alt text and the title text. So it is critical that all images have complete descriptions, appropriate file names and include the embedded information for alt text and title tag. Alt text and the title tag are brief descriptions of the images which are provided to aid visually impaired users. In addition, certain image sizes are more search engine friendly. Business owners will benefit greatly from working with a web design professional to insure that they are maximizing the potential benefit from their web images.

Make Sure the Images on Your Website Are Top Quality

With the addition of your website title on image captions, it is more critical than ever to invest in quality images. As search results, your images have a much greater potential to reach a huge number of viewers who would instantly become potential clients. But only if the images are of high quality. Viewers will quickly scan and click on the best image or one that depicts the object more clearly. If your image is poor, then that first impression will likely result in the viewer having a negative opinion of the image and your website.

Make the Most of Image Captions

Business owners can definitely benefit from the new Google Image Captions provided they understand the basics of how search engine bots function. This understanding will clearly define why they must invest the time to correctly label and size their images.

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