SEO 2019 – Things to Keep in Mind

With the start of another year, comes another set of 12 months that allow you to set new goals and achieve those objectives with your eyes directly set on the prize.

A change in the calendar denotes to a clean slate, and that psychological effect could lead you and your digital properties to success in a very effective manner as well.

In order to make the most out of this motivation, here are a few things to keep in mind that could lead your website to success in 2019. For optimal execution, make sure to discuss them with your local SEO Company Severna Park, Maryland.

Mobile is Key

Search engine optimization (SEO) has been the backbone of many websites that depend on Google to bring in most of their traffic. By ranking higher on search engine results, these websites rake in the kind of visitors that would otherwise only be a pipe-dream.

But with the current onslaught of mobile devices and people using their phones and tablets to access the web on the go, website owners have to pay attention to more than just their keywords. According to a Google update in 2018, the search engine giant rolled out its decision to prioritize mobile sites for its indexing purposes over desktop version.

According to Google, the decision was made in favor of the primary users that now utilize their mobile devices to pull off everyday tasks. Thus, it is essential for websites to now optimize the mobile versions of their sites in order to rank higher on search results. A proficient SEO company in Baltimore could help you set up your site for mobile.

Mobile Speed Rules the Ground

According to another Google update that went official in mid-2018, page speed is now a major factor in ensuring higher rankings for your website on mobile devices.

With that, it has also been observed that it affects user behavior and reaction to the point where it could make or break a business or brand. For instance, a post shared on the official Google Developers forum noted how popular website Pinterest increased its search engine traffic by 15 percent by optimizing its speed. And adversely, how the BBC lost 10 percent of its user base for every second it took for its website to load.

This goes on to show that page speed plays a great role in a website’s overall performance. Make sure to keep it a part of your website’s strategy in 2019. If possible, contact a SEO Company Severna Park, Maryland for further information.

Optimal Content Could Help

Keyword stuffing has long been defunct, thanks to Google’s strict Panda and Penguin updates that strictly curbed plagiarism and low quality content. Google has only doubled down on that stance since then. Its focus is now upon helpful content that is delivered to users in a natural flow without over usage of keywords.

While this doesn’t mean that you should stop using keywords altogether, it does point out that you should use them in a manner that has them interwoven within helpful content.

By keeping the addition and dissemination of naturally interesting content a regular part of your SEO, you can make sure to achieve this objective easily.

Whether you contact a SEO Company Severna Park, Maryland or an SEO company in Baltimore, make sure that you are hiring them after checking their experience and credentials. Only a proficient provider could help you achieve your SEO goals for 2019.