Quality Backlinks — What They Are, Why You Need Them, and How to Get Them

For a website owner, delving into the world of SEO comes with so many terms to learn, understand, and work with that it can get a bit overwhelming.

But even with the plethora of new SEO terminologies, some of them remain more prominent and arguably more important than others and one such SEO term is “backlinks.”

As something that’s mentioned repeatedly by SEO websites, podcasts, forums, and experts, backlinks get a lot of attention when it comes to search optimization.

So, what are they exactly, what benefits do they bring to the table, and how can you get them for your website?

Let’s go through these questions and their answers below.

What are Backlinks?

Backlink is the term that refers to a website posting a link of another website – thus “linking back” to it.

Simply put, a backlink is a URL of a website that exists on another web platform. It could be a link to your site’s homepage or any other page, but is posted on a third party website that is visible to search engines.

The website that the backlink is posted on can be any web platform. It may be another site in your industry, an online news website, a social media platform, and so on.

What Do Backlinks Do for SEO?

When a backlink is created for your website, it contributes to the overall network of links that are associated with it and this adds to the strength of the overall SEO for your website.

You can think of it as creating a connection on a platform such as LinkedIn, or earning a follower on a platform such as Twitter. Remember how having more connections or followers provides more credibility to your social media profile to users of that platform? In the same way, having more quality backlinks adds to the trustworthiness of your site for search engines.

If your website has more connections to other web properties through backlinks, then it adds weight to its overall authority. This helps in enhancing its SEO as well as its search engine presence and results in higher search engine rankings against your keywords.

What Are Quality Backlinks?

It’s essential that these backlink connections come from websites that are considered credible themselves.

The backlinks need to come from:

  • Websites that are related to your industry.
  • Websites that are highly credible in their own right, such as a reliable news publication.
  • Websites that post your backlinks in a way that serves a purpose, such as a piece of high quality content linking back to your site.

These backlinks are considered as “quality backlinks,” which actually serve the ideal purpose of improving your site’s presence on search engines.

With that being said, it can be detrimental to your site if you’re getting backlinks from sources that are non-credible, such as:

  • Websites that are not relevant to your industry.
  • Websites that seem fishy or shady by their presence, such as spam or porn sites.
  • Websites that post your backlinks for the sake of backlinks, showing no purpose behind the action.

Instead of enhancing your SEO, these backlinks can actually diminish your web presence. They can go as far as to be termed as spam backlinks, which in turn can have your website penalized by Google.

That’s why it’s highly crucial that your website’s backlinks come from high quality sources and are created in a natural way. Doing so tells search engines that your site is a credible entity that’s being referred through peers and authority sites in a natural way.

How to Get High Quality Backlinks?

Getting high quality backlinks is a well-thought out process which takes ample planning, networking, and a great knowledge of SEO.  These backlinks are obtained through a mix of activities.  They include, but are not limited to, content marketing, networking, and online advertising efforts.While you can try to have other websites post backlinks to your site, this often comes in a link-exchange scheme where they may want you to post a link back to a site of their choice – which is often a frowned upon practice. These kinds of schemes do more harm than good, and end up hurting your website.

That’s why only credible SEO experts who have been operating in the space long enough to know the many nuances of search engine algorithms, restrictions, and best practices can navigate their way through this intricate space.

In order to ensure that you’re not only getting backlinks to your site but obtaining highly quality backlinks, it’s vital to discuss your options with a SEO expert.

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