Claiming and verifying your Google My Business listing is the first step in ensuring that your business is going to be included in local searches and on Google Maps. Many business owners just supply the bare minimum and assume that is all the information and effort that is needed for optimizing Google My Business. Sadly, these proprietors are going to be very disappointed with their results from even the small amount of time that they invested.

Optimizing Google My Business

As with any type of Internet advertising, your Google My Business profile is something that will require ongoing effort and information, but your continued investment will provide you with ever growing rewards. The following are ways you can work on optimizing Google My Business.

Keep Tabs On Your Listing

It is critical that you continue to monitor your listing. Many owners are not aware that anyone can suggest a change for your listing, and that includes your competitors. So monitor to be sure that incorrect changes have not been suggested. This is also a great way to check to see if there are any pending questions on your listing. Answering these questions will draw more interest and will convert potential customers to real paying customers.

Supply Added Value

Creating Google Posts is a great way to add information about your business and also to add information that readers will find helpful. Once they begin to see your listing as a good resource, viewers will return to learn more, ask questions and learn about new ways that your business can help them or meet their needs.

You can also use this space to place a link to your website. Include information about where coupons or discounts are located on your website and you are sure to drive additional traffic to your site. Not only will this help to increase your local business but it will also grow your overall Internet presence.

Encourage Interaction

Consumers love to read real reviews from customers. We all know that no business owner is going to say that they offer really bad service on Friday nights but a real consumer who has experienced it will. Customer reviews carry a great deal more weight with the average Joe who is looking for some good intel on a business.

Encourage your customers to take a moment and place a review and help you grow your customer base. Just be sure to respond back to each review regardless of its negative or positive point of view.This lets everyone know that you are interested in feedback and growing your business based on the needs of your customers. For really great reviews you can even add a note to the customer who left it offering a discount, reduced rate or free item on their next transaction. This is a great way to say thank you and encourage other customers to leave reviews in the future.

You Get What You Give

As with most things in this life, you will get out of it about as much as you are willing to put into it, and Google My Business is not different. But by investing a little bit of time to set up an accurate listing and then keeping your listing up to date and fresh, you will get a great return on your investment.