Plastic surgery is in most cases a very private matter. When a person is interested in improving his or her appearance, he or she rarely wants to let on that their choice was surgery. The goal is always for the patient to look great but for no one to know that it is because of surgery. As a result, the better the surgeon the less people will know about his or her work. Word of mouth is just not going to produce many new clients. But 72% of all Internet users confirmed that they had completed some type of research online about medical procedures. This is a much more private way for potential clients to learn about plastic surgery, its benefits and who is the best in the field. Are you seeking services for Internet marketing for plastic surgeons? Contact us here.

Online Reviews are a Trusted Resource

When Modern Aesthetics polled potential patients, it was determined that 89% of the people that they spoke to felt that online reviews were believable and a trustworthy source. Many consumers use online reviews and critiques to select medical professionals, service providers and even when selecting products to purchase. It is a great way to hear about other client’s experiences when there is not a way to interact with them in person. Asking your patients to leave online comments and review their experience throughout their consultation, surgery and recovery period is a great way to get potential clients to inquire about your services.

Details are Critical

Plastic surgery is not a medical field that most potential patients know a lot about. They know that they want wrinkles removed or their eyes to look more perky but they don’t know how the procedures are done or what to expect. Providing a step by step process and a list of expectations for each procedure is a great way to make potential patients more comfortable and confident in your ability and the outcome of their procedure. Showing before and after pictures is also helpful in managing a patient’s expectations and fears.

Marketing Nationally is Cost Effective Online

Printed marketing material is only going to reach people in a specific geographic location. But good Internet marketing is actually going to be seen by potential patients all over the world. So it only makes sense to direct the largest portion of your marketing budget at the broadest market. This is especially true in the case of plastic surgery because the target demographic is going to be an upper middle class and above, so travel is not a concern. In the case of a medical procedure, the quality of the doctor and the reputation of the practice are far more important to potential patients than the geographic location.

Increase Your Potential ROI

Internet marketing is the best way to reach a very large audience. It is also the best way to provide in depth information about your procedures, the process that you use and the results that you have experienced with past patients. Anonymity can be important for patients when seeking this type of information and it can be important for past clients who would be willing to attest to your skills but do not want to reveal their identity. The Internet allows you to market yourself and your services discreetly to protect all of your patients’ privacy.