When people use Google to find something they need, they are presented with pages of websites that may give them what they are seeking. Most people will click on the first website they see. This is the reason it is so important to achieve top search engine rankings.

When your website is ranking in the #1 spot for keyword phrases your target audience searches for, you will see more traffic coming to your site. That traffic is highly targeted, which means they more likely to convert if they find what they are looking for on your site.

Now, knowing what you get with top search engine rankings isn’t effective. You need to know how to achieve top search engine rankings.

How to Achieve Top Search Engine Rankings

The following are some of the best ways to achieve top search engine rankings.

Research Keywords and Optimize Your Site

The first step is to do keyword research. This research tells you what keywords people are using on Google to search for your products and services.

These keywords should be used on your site’s pages. For instance, if you sell a weight loss supplement and one of the keywords you see people using is “weight loss supplements” you should haev a page optimized for that phrase.

The way to optimize a page is to make sure the URL has “weight loss supplement” in it, and that phrase is also used in the H1, H2, and a few times in the content. You should also use the phrase in the title tag and meta descriptions.

Not only does this phrase tell your readers they are in the right place, it gives Google information on how they should rank your site.

Provide Valuable Content

Using the keyword phrase on a page isn’t good enough. You need to provide valuable content as well. This means giving your audience what they are looking for when they search on Google.

If people are looking for information about your services or products, give it to them. Give them more than what they want because this will impress them. The more you impress them, the more they begin to trust you, which will make it easier to convert them.

Content doesn’t just have to be text. It can be images and videos as well. Depending on your audience, you should provide content they prefer.

Link Build

Link building is one way that Google gauges the level of authority a website has online. The more that websites link to your site, the better your site looks to Google. This means that the search engine giant is more likely to give you top search engine rankings.

Link building is not easy, but it’s worth the effort. The best way to do it is to seek out websites that are willing to have you guest post. You will then be allowed to publish articles that have a link back to your site. That is considered a built link. The more websites you can do this on, the better.

For local businesses, citations are the best way to build links. This includes manually entering your business’ information into online directories – local and national ones.

Achieve Top Search Engine Rankings

Those are the best ways to achieve top search engine rankings. Get started on one, and as you get a good handle on it, bring in another way. Before you know it, you’ll likely see your website move up in rankings for your most popular keywords.

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