As the owner of a local Baltimore small business you know how critical Internet marketing is to the success of your business. Local consumers need to know who you are and what you are offering as well as how to find you. All of this information needs to be provided to potential customers in a fast and efficient manner as they go about their day seeking the goods and services that they need. Following a few simple tips will land you right at the top of the search engine results pages (SERPs) and have customers instantly pointed to your door.

Prove You Are Good

Online reviews are a great tool that helps sway the selection process of potential customers. Several results appear on the first SERP but it could be the list of outstanding reviews and lots of stars that convert a potential customer to a first time customer. There is no shame in asking satisfied customers to take a second and share their experience online. You might even incentivize the reviews with a small discount on their next purchase or service.

One Picture = One Thousand Words

Pictures not only grab a consumer’s eye as they are reviewing search results but it can also provide a great deal of very useful information. Adding your picture lets customers begin to build a connection or relationship with you as a person even before entering your business. In addition, a picture of your store front can be a huge help when they are locating your business. No one wants to have to work to find your location but a picture can make you easy to find.

Set Your Business Apart With Excellent Customer Service

In this age of technology, there are still many consumers who miss a personal touch and quality customer service. In years past, customers expected good service and only mentioned the level of service they received to others if it was poor. Today, good customer service is a rare and treasured creature and consumers greatly appreciate it. They are also eager to reward the business by tell others about their great experience. Use great customer service to increase your online reviews and ratings as well as creating a positive buzz via word of mouth. That buzz will translate to your online marketing as well.

Attract Local Attention with Blogs

Becoming an active part of the community by blogging is a great way to increase you Internet presence. Select events or activities that pertain to your business or that are held near your location. You might write a blog congratulating the local high school sports team on a big win or welcome a new business to the area to create connections between your business, other local businesses and the consumers in the area. Taking an active role in the community will keep local consumers interested in what you have to say and what your business has to offer.

Add to the Community

Your business anchors you as a part of the community right along with all of the other businesses in the area. But it is up to you to become an active member of the community who offers added value other than your goods or services that are for sale. Community news, great customer service and reviews to verify the quality of your business are all going to increase your presence on the Internet and drive your local sales.